This time last year.

This time last year.

It was so apt that this week saw the largest moon of the year, the pink supermoon. Luna B was shining bright to make me smile as she knows I’m hurting and reflecting this week.

It was this week last year, a year today to be precise, that Wade and I found out the worst possible news about our baby girl Luna. It’s bringing it all back for me and for Wade and pillow talk last night was all about our girls and what we went through from this day last year. I love to talk about my twins’ journey, even the hardest parts of their story. It makes me miss Luna of course but makes me feel close to her and proud that she’s still such a part of our family.

I’d like to share some of it with you, a diary of sorts, from the day we found out to the day we brought Halle home. I’ll post the updates as and when they happened. I guess I hope it will be a bit like therapy for me and also something for me to look back on in years to come and remind myself of the experience over and over (because strangely I will want to). Some of you know a lot of the story and some don’t. It helps to share; it helps me, and I hope it helps those who may have been through similar to know they’re not alone.

I will add photos that were taken on the days that each post talks about - just to show that ‘normal’ life had to continue through it all, after all we had a 14 month old who was just learning to walk, talk, play. He needed smiles and laughter and attention. It was so important for us that Senna felt none of our pain. The mask was heavy at times but it had to be worn.

The first entry will be the day my life changed forever, the 11th of April.

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