My name is Luna

My name is Luna.

Yes, I’m a bit late with this post because, well, life happened but 20th April 2019 was the day ‘twin 2’ became Luna.

It wasn’t something that Wade and I had really discussed at length at this stage. After all we had only just found out they were girls. Our minds were so busy juggling all the info that had been thrown at us in the past two weeks, and so tired from mind hopping from option to option that naming the girls perhaps seemed like a luxury our minds couldn’t afford. How I wish it was the only decision we were faced with at that point. However, it was a difficult and important decision at this time none the less. Regardless of our busy minds, I had a need to make it now because referring to the twins as twin 1 and 2 everyday was so anonymous, so impersonal, disrespectful in a way. They were little humans already and as Luna’s life was to be a short one she needed her name now, she deserved a name now. And the world needed to know it- now.

We had a few girls names in a list, but not many to say we needed two. Luna was on our list but possibly as a middle name. Many find naming their child such a difficult thing to do. For Luna, however, it was very simple. Believe me or not I actually dreamt that she was called Luna the night of the 19th and it made my heart very happy. I woke up and said to Wade ‘I think she’s called Luna, can she be Luna?’ It’s like she named herself, she probably did- she made all the decisions in her short little life, why not her name as well? It sounds more appropriate to a fairy tale, but this is what happened. I had a dream she was Luna, so she was. And it fit, it fit perfectly.

Halle was named secretly on this day too. We knew one of our girls would be Halle (I think). It’s a name we loved since starting to think of names for Senna (before we knew he was a boy of course!). So when Luna chose Luna for herself she also indirectly chose Halle for Halle. And again, it suits her perfectly. Halle is a Halle for sure, nothing else would fit. You say it with a smile. Only Wade and I knew both of the twins’ names as we wanted Halle’s to be a surprise- something we could reveal on their birthday. It was precious to us and we wanted to save that moment for Halle so she had her own limelight moment (of which there would be many more to come of course).

Oh it was so much nicer to be able to call them by their names instead of a number. They instantly felt more real and from this time onwards I felt I was able to understand their character and personalities more. It was like Luna was saying ok so you know who I am now so I don’t need to hide- I’m cheeky, I’m funny, I’m a show-off, I love the limelight, I’m sociable, I'm a smiler, I’m a protector, I am brave, don’t worry about me. This was Luna all over. Halle was more relaxed- I’m chilled, I’m patient, I’m gentle, I’m kind, I’m content, I’m also a smiler, I’m just going to give my sister this time to shine, my time will come.

So we shared Luna’s name with the world along with a few quotes (the ones in the pics). Everybody loved it and the moon had a whole new meaning for us and for those who know us.

Luna. And just like the moon, she was always just there. A constant presence and guide in our full, hectic, wonderful lives.

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