A Goosebump Moment.

A Goosebump Moment.

This was my first goosebump moment when I really felt Luna’s presence around us. This baby-on-the-moon reflection appeared right above Halle’s incubator on the night of the day that Luna was taken from my room to the chapel of rest in our home village.

It was the only one in the room that night and until we left ICU (there were another 4 babies in incubators under the UV lights on the room but no one else had a moon). I was particularly emotional that day. Saying goodbye to Luna in her physical capacity was the next toughest moment after she’d passed away on the 25th June. I needed this sign. I needed her.

I immediately welled up and told Wade to look up. It was a moment I will never forget as we both smiled to each other. It made me feel warm inside, a little chilly on the arms, and reassured that Halle was going to be just fine with her very own guardian angel. She was there watching over us all that night.

She was there watching over us all that night.

Some people find it odd/silly and possibly even desperate to search for the signs that remind us of a lost loved one. A robin, a butterfly, a white feather, a cloud formation, a moon. I was probably one of those people before losing Luna. But now it’s a little everyday hobby of mine searching for those little ‘signs’, or let’s just call them ‘coincidences’ that occur. Perhaps it is a mix of desperation and hope which ensures I find these little ‘coincidences’ but so what? It helps, it comforts, and it delights my soul.

So bear with me, indulge me, or even better, join me in the daily search! Trust me she’s everywhere!

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