Screen time.

Screen time.

After finding out we just had the weekend left with Luna the first thing we did was book another private scan for the Sunday evening. It might sound like an odd thing to do as we had had so many scans, but all of the NHS scans were done (quite rightly so) for medical reasons; gathering baby measurements, checking positioning, checking fluids etc. And while we could of course see them on the screen we weren’t always sure if we were looking at the head of one or the bum of the other! We wanted a scan where we could just sit and watch them without feeling rushed, one where we could ask to see that angle again or try find a hand or a nose or a foot. We wanted to have time to figure out what we were actually seeing, whose leg was entwined around whose shoulders, hopefully try get some more clear photos of Luna, and so that we could just sit and enjoy to see them both together one last time- without the worry that we were about to get some more bad news.

We went back to the same lady who had originally told us we were expecting twins- "there’s the heartbeat..... oh! and there’s the other heartbeat!!"" Erm...what?!! What a moment of excitement, shock, and disbelief that was! Amazing feeling, I hope I never forget that one! She was also the lady who confirmed we were having two girls (just before our news about Luna). She is for sure in the right profession, so considerate, compassionate, and sensitive. For this final scan she gave us the last slot of the day “in case we needed some more time”. Of course I wanted more time, I could’ve stayed all night watching them both on the screen, catching glimpses of Luna’s peaceful face (Halle was hiding from us as usual- giving Luna her time to shine, best sister ever!). We also recorded Luna’s heartbeat and put it into our Luna heartbeat bear. It was really special. My favourite kind of screen time!

The photos are a selection of Luna from that final scan. You can also see Halle’s spine across the top of one - I love that one! Early Days Baby Scan in Wakefield was where we went, would definitely recommend.

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