She'll always be as close as you want her to be.

She'll always be as close as you want her to be.

The twin bond is a phenomenon that's always fascinated me. I wonder daily how not having Luna by her side is affecting Halle - if at all.

So many questions go round in my mind: Does she feel like something is missing? Does she miss someone being wrapped around her? Does she miss the sound of her heartbeat? Does she know that Luna died? But the biggest question I have, to which I still don't know the answer, is how much should we involve Luna in our everyday lives and how much is too much for her twin and her big brother once they can begin to understand that they once were 3?

Selfishly I want to talk about her as if she is with us all the time but I guess it's something we will just have to go carefully with as they grow up. I don't want them to feel the sadness and the aching that I do. I want them to know about her and what she gave to us and taught us. I want her to have an impact on their lives but only a positive one.

One inspirational lady, who I now feel I can call a friend, gave me the advice of 'just let the conversations happen'. Let them start them, let them end them, let them guide us on just how much Luna is present on a daily basis. This is definitely advice I will try to follow thank you @this_is_my_brave_face.

I hope that Halle finds delight in talking about Luna and that she will forever be proud that she is a twin, and as grateful for her time with Luna as I am. But ultimately, for them, we'll let them decide and let ourselves as parents be guided.

For me, she in my heart, my soul and all of my being.

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